History of the Club

In 1897, when Oakley consisted of a few houses and farms with a newly build railway station, the current site of the Club was a cow field with a pond. This field provided the location, when the farm stock had been moved off, for the Oakley Cricket team.

This continued over the years with the eventual draining and filling in of the pond and made into a sports field controlled by the Oakley Recreational Association.

In 1979, a number of villagers raised sufficient funds to purchase a second hand large wooden building from Bedford Rugby Club and after voluntarily re-assembling it to provide not only changing rooms but a small clubhouse; Oakley Sports & Social Club was founded.

In 1981, football teams began here and since then, with the creation of both a senior full size pitch and a junior sized one, numerous junior teams play alongside their senior counterparts.

In 1985, with the help of the then Charles Wells Brewery, a modern clubhouse was built.

In 2009, the clubhouse underwent major changes with the old changing rooms being knocked through, a catering kitchen opening and a new well equipped large bar being fitted amongst the work that was carried out.